The ValveSentry will add a means to automatically turn off the main valve of a house when a leak is detected. For many if not all regions, the ValveSentry does not require a licensed plumber to be installed (Check for local codes) The ValveSentry can be installed by the home owner or the general home automation installer. It offers significant additional functionality to a home automation system as it can be integrated tightly into such a system.

The Evaluation and Development license for a Manufacturer cost $14,000. This includes the five system development kits, documentation to build the reference design, an operational and assembly manual and all Intellectual property rights to evaluate and develop a customized version of the ValveSentry and ten hours of phone technical support.. The license also includes a wireless interface module, a SkyLink Transciever that mounts within the ValveSentry’s controller and interfaces with the ValveSentry’s motherboard, a SkyLink hub, and two SkyLink wireless sensors.